Commitment & Being Absent..


I have been absent as I have been doing pre-season tasks and starting a new job. Not only a new job, but a totally different industry!!  I am no longer in Hospitality, which means no more late nights, split shifts or long 13 hour days!! I am now working at a boating/camping/fishing store. I think this will help me with the 12WBT, to not be surrounded by food constantly, being so overworked that you eat fast, quick, easy food. With my new job there is alot of physical work to be done, so it will keep me active. It will also be beneficial to be home in time, to prepare and cook decent meals.

So our Pre-season Task “Say It Outloud” is a good one! It is about voicing our goals to family, friends and work mates. It is about making a commitment to Michelle and myself!! It is putting it out there for the Universe to hear!!

This task got me thinking about the word COMMITMENT, what it means to be committed, and what I am committing too.

Here is what the word ‘commitment’ means. ~ “Commitment is when you are willing to give your time & energy to something you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something.”

Here is my Commitment, I am putting it out there to my Fellow Bloggers………………………………….

I commit to give Michelle & my fellow 12WBT team members 100% of my EFFORT during the 12WBT.
I commit to taking advantage of Michelle’s guidance, support & most of all her knowledge of nutrition & exercise.
I promise to never let myself lose site of who I am & what I am capable of achieving.

My Commitment is to train 5-6 days a week, not just during the 12WBT but for the rest of my life.
I commit to changing my Lifestyle.
I promise to be the best inspiration & motivator to my Family & Friends.
I commit to being more organised as this will allow me to make all of the above commitments/promises come to fruition.

My Commitment to Michelle & Myself……


Gear Up!


~Time to Take Control & Set some Goals


A Goal is a desired result that we envision, plan and commit to achieve!!!

So the past week has been all about setting Goals….  Planning and breaking them down over the next 12 months, 6 months, 3 months and even 1 month blocks.

I have myself always been a dreamer, so I have written out sets of Goals before and than have never followed through with achieving them. It may be also due to the fact that I would write out my list of Goals not setting S.M.A.R.T Goals.

S.MA.R.T Goals need to be:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Realisitc
  5. Time Based

So with this new knowledge of setting S.M.A.R.T Goals, I am now aware of why my previous list of goals never worked. My Goals where not Measurable, Realistic, Achievable or Time Based……

My Over all Goal is to lose 15kg…… I am going to do everything in my power to make this happen!!

1 Month Goals Lose 3kg, I am going to achieve this by following the 12WBT nutritional plan.. I will reward myself with an Itunes gift card.

Run 3km without stopping, start training for this by running/jogging for 90sec than walking for 90sec… Repeat this for 30mins,  (Follow the jogging plan).

Exercise 6 days a week, I will follow Michelles workout/exercise plan to achieve this. When I have exercised for a whole month 6 days a week, I will reward myself with a new workout bag…..

3 Month GoalsLose 10kg, Following the nutritional plan and exercising will help me achieve this. Once I have lost 10kg, I will Reward myself with a set of new gym clothes!!

Run 5km without stopping, Keep following and moving ahead with my jogging plan. When I can run 5km without stopping, I will reward myself with a pair of new joggers!! Think I will meed them after all this exercising as my old ones will be trashed….

Meet Michelle Bridges, This is a big one for me as I will have to attend the finale party, so I am really hoping it is atleast in Queensland…..

Do a set of push ups on my toes and hold a plank for 2mins, Following the 6day a week workout plan will help me accomplish this one. The reward will be that I am Fitter, Stronger and Healthier!!!!

6 Month Goals Lose 15kg, I will reach this if I Keep following Michelles workout, nutitional plans and cookbooks.

Run 10km, I will achieve this by following the jogging plan.

Another attempt at IVF, Book in to see the Dr and maybe have more tests done, the reward for this will hopefully be a baby.

12 Month Goals – Maintain weight by following Michelles cookbooks etc.

Mackay Marina Fun Run – Following 6 days a week exercise and having my jogging plan, I am sure to achieve this easily. Register for the Event!!

Climb the HIll in Rockhampton – This is something my sister wants to do, I would love to be fit enough to do it with her!! All I have to do is organise a time and date!!!

First Aide Course – This may seem like a strange goal, but I have wanted to do this course for along time now. Book in and do it with St Johns.

I am taking an oath now, to Michelle Bridges and the 12WBT, that i am 100% COMMITTED to following this list of goals through. I am committed; to not just changing my lifestyle and eating habits, for the next 12months but for the rest of my life. I now choose to open my eyes and look forward to the future, not back in shame and guilt!!

Now it is time for me to go GEAR UP!!!

What is a Solution!!

What is a Solution!!

“A solution is a course of action to be taken, to solve a problem.”

I need to let go of all my excuses and in order to do so, I need to set out some solutions. So when an Internal/External excuse rears its ugly head. I have solutions in place to deal with the dreaded excuses!

Internal excuses and some solutions;

EXCUSE – I am too fat to exercise. SOLUTION – I will now think I am doing something about being fat, I am taking control by being a part of the 12WBT!!

EXCUSE – I am so unfit. SOLUTION – I am not getting fitter by sitting on the couch, I can and will do exercises at my own pace!

EXCUSE – I look Stupid exercising. Are other people looking at me laughing and judging me. SOLUTION – Start telling myself, I am going to be looking good in 12 weeks time, and even better in 6 months time. And people can look all they want, they don’t know me.

EXCUSE – I may injure myself. SOLUTION – I may also get hit by a bus/car crossing the road… I still cross the road every day. I can not live with the what ifs anymore!!!

External excuses and some solutions;

EXCUSE – I am too busy, I don’t have enough time to exercise or cook nutritional meals. SOLUTION – Wake up earlier and do exercise before any of life’s curve balls are thrown my way… Do exercise before the day has even begun!!! Start using shopping lists of everything I need for the week, so all the food I need is in the fridge, this will also save on time, running back and forward to the shops for last minute ingredients I may need. Have a cook up on my days off, so I can freeze meals/soups etc. NO more ohhhh there is nothing to eat here, we will just get some take out!!

EXCUSE – Other people’s persuasion – SOLUTION – Eat before I go out, or take a plate of something healthy, that I can eat. That way I am taking a dish to share, which is always a nice gesture. Or get the balls to ask them what they will be serving, and letting them know that I am changing my Lifestyle/eating habits.

EXCUSE – Feeling pressured to drink alcohol. SOLUTION – Be the designated driver, so that I can’t be tempted to have a drink.!!!

EXCUSE – The weather. SOLUTION – Do exercises on the Wii, order some exercise DVDs to do indoors and eventually join a gym!!

So I now have my solutions prepared and ready to tackle any of those awful excuses. I am sure I will be refering back to these quite often, to control that chitter/chatter In my head…

Next time on Nurturing Nikki ~ “Take Control – Set Your Goal”

“Get Real – No More Excuses”


Pre-Season has begun, I am a bundle of emotions. I am nervous, scared, fearful, insecure, excited, high-spirited, motivated and impatient. To say the least…. Our first Pre-Season task is in……………… It is the begining to an end, an end of poor Lifestyle choices.

So it is time to Get real and STOP with the excuses!! Time to take Responsibility….

Yes i certainly do have the ability to respond to certain choices, It is not going to be easy by any means, BUT IT IS SURE GOING TO BE WORTH IT!!!

Here are some excuses i have used and still use, wether it be an excuse for why i can’t do exercise to why i can not eat healthy ~

INTERNAL EXCUSES; ( This is the self talk , you know the little chitter/chatter that happens in your head..) If you all could hear for a moment, the chatter in my head it may sound something like this…… I am too fat – I am so unfit – I will look stupid – Are the other people looking at me laughing at me, are they thinking how fat i am, i bet they think i am a slob of a person to let myself get like this – I may injure myself if i try and push myself to run.. and the chatter goes on and on…… How does the chatter sound in your head????

EXTERNAL EXCUSES in my control; ( Excuses that are bought up by things, things in which i still have somewhat control over..) I am too busy – I don’t have enough time to exercise or cook nutritional meals – Other peoples persuasion; family and friends having a BBQs/Dinners, they say a few alcoholic drinks won’t hurt, one piece of cake isn’t going to kill ya – Feeling obliged to eat what they have served at the BBQ/Dinner – The weather is too cold/hot/rainy……. How does your list look… What are your excuses????

So enough about excuses, I now need to look at solutions……… Yes, solutions to put into play, so i can kick these Internal and External excuses out of my life for good…. I am going to have to dig deep to find these solutions as these excuses have been ruining my health/life for a very long time!!